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How do I pay for charging abroad?

The price of charging abroad will be added to your charging data in Luxembourg and deducted directly from your account on a monthly basis via your SEPA direct debit.

Do I have to take out a special subscription to be able to charge my car abroad?

No, all you need is to have an enodrive card and a my.enodrive account. You will only pay the price of the card (12 euros) once and your monthly consumption under the tariffs in force depending on the different operators.

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Can I charge my electric car without an enodrive account?

Yes, the enodrive solution offers the possibility of recharging your electric car anonymously at the Chargy and Chargy OK terminals. To do so, you just need to scan the QR code displayed on the terminals. You will then be redirected to the service providers offering an anonymous “adhoc” solution. By opting for enodrive, you will be able to access our platform and pay for your top-up by integrating your credit card details without creating an account. Your credit card will be debited at the end of the charge and the statement will be sent to you by email.


Can I charge my car abroad with my enodrive zen card/application?

Yes, Enovos has developed a network with the best partners throughout Europe to allow you to travel around with your electric vehicle in complete peace of mind.

Please note: not all charging stations can be activated directly via the app. In order to guarantee you maximum use of the e-Roaming network, we recommend to be equipped with the enodrive zen RFID card.

Can I activate and stop charging remotely with the enodrive application?

The “remote charging” function does not apply to all charging station operators. Some offer this option, others don’t…

You will find this information within the description of the charging station.

How to charge my car with my enodrive zen card?
Can I charge my car at all charging stations?

enodrive zen does not work with all the charging stations but with nearly 180,000 charging stations across Europe belonging to partner operators.

Is charging abroad more expensive?

The price of charging may vary according to the different charging station operators. The tariffs for each are indicated in the application as well as the power and connectors available.

In which countries can I use my enodrive zen card/application?

You can use your enodrive zen card and application in all Western European countries and a large part of Eastern Europe.

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How much does the enodrive zen card cost?

The enodrive zen card costs 12 euros. Added to that is the price of the charge used in Luxembourg and abroad which will be billed monthly. Please note: the price of charging may vary depending on the different charging station operators. The price of charging is displayed in the enodrive application.

What do I do if the charging station does not work?

If there is a problem with the charging station, call the operator directly on the number indicated on the station. Unfortunately, Enovos is not able to intervene in the event of a technical problem. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee the best possible service for all our users, we are grateful for any feedback that would allow us to update our application.

Can I book my charging station remotely?

The “remote booking” function does not apply to all charging station operators. Some offer this option, others don’t…

You will find this information within the description of the charging station.

How can I find a terminal with the right power level and/or connector?

In order to find the charging station with the right power for your vehicle, simply use the application’s filter function. You can filter by connector type as well as by power. You will thus be able to view only the terminals that interest you.

Does the enodrive application offer me a particular route based on the charging stations available along the route?

Unfortunately, the enodrive application does not have this function. Nevertheless, thanks to the interactive map, you can easily view the charging stations available on your route or be directed to the station of your choice.

How do I find a charging station abroad?

Just search the application. The charging stations are displayed with the exact location, charging tariff, power and connectors available. To get there, just click on ?route? and choose the application on your phone (Google Maps, Waze, etc.) that will take you there.

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